Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where were we...

Well no where, really, but that doesn't mean we can't end up somewhere. Also by we I mean me but who's counting. I didn't really know what to make this post about but then something happened in my NYC riding life that called for some sort of transmission to whomever may be reading this blog. What was that something you may ask? It was a seminal moment for bikers in the city that marks the transition from summer to fall, a cycling solstice of sorts. This morning I was able to get my commute over with without breaking a serious sweat. I don't mean that I pulled up to the trusty bike rack, locked up, and wiped my brow only to find nothing to wipe, oh no there was still plenty of that salty sweaty goodness but instead after dabbing my brow a few times I was good to go, done with the perspiration. Usually in the summer I am good for a solid 45 minutes of that quasi-embarrassing post-ride routine of continually removing those glistening beads of moisture from my exposed forehead, partly because I sweat a ton (I guess that's just my burden to bear) but more importantly, because riding in the city in the summertime is a fucking disaster. Sure Prospect Park in the early AM has its moments but really at that hour, if I'm up, I'm making a bee line for the bed not the pace line. In terms of practical biking (e.g transportation) riding in the summer is pretty much bad news and I'm glad that we might be moving past that for a few months (I'm looking in your direction Indian Summer, please remain seated).
I had thought this post was going to be a recap of all the things that I learned whilst riding through these dog days in particular and perhaps that post is still on its way (probably will be) but mostly I just want to say how happy I am for summer to be winding down, for the prospect of some cool rides, and for those beautiful morning when you get outside, swing a leg over your bars, and take that first crisp, cold breath of air and think to yourself, "man I'm overdressed, I am going to be sweating like a pig when I get to where I'm going."