Monday, July 7, 2008

Main Race

The task of sorting the wheat from the chaff continued with the main race. The mad dash start of the finals race would have been a familiar sight to most alleycat racers and while the main race borrowed much of its structure from more standard forms of alleycat racing there were slight variations to the structure that made the race a unique experience. The race itself was an extended version of the qualifying race loop and many of the stations had been moved as well, so maybe not an extended version so much as a version that used the same paths as the day before in an entirely different extended manner. However, unlike qualifying, the field was pared down at timed intervals based on completed manifests, which not only allowed the event to test riders' endurance on a closed course but also promised a sprint finish full of suspense, drama, intrigue, sweat, blood, slick pavement, and bikes. Some pictures of the event are included below, I would caption them but it is fairly clear whats going on without further commentary.

Upcoming: Bike Polo coverage, bikes of the CMWC.

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